The Art & Science of Staging

The Art & Science of Staging

We take pride in the extra hustle and attention to detail we bring to our seller clients in the full service preparation, staging and sale of their homes. But we also appreciate some good humor!

That’s why we loved the recent article by Gene Weingarten from the Washington Post, (“Fifty Shades of grey gray”) published in the September 2, 2018 print version of The Washington Post Magazine.

We highly recommend the full article, found here.

Weingarten explains that in the process of selling his home, the realtor and stagers removed his furniture and decor (which was somewhat quirky and very personal), and “replaced these things with artwork designed to offend no one.”

A very humorous piece. But as a realty team that focuses on making houses look beautiful before they hit the market, we suggest that there IS an art and science to prepping and staging a home for sale in today’s market. And while it might look to the home owner that “everything is gray”, our goal is to help the potential buyers see themselves in the home. And it works!

Weingarten comes to this conclusion as well. As he says at the end of the article:

“The house went on the market very recently. I just got off the phone with my agent. It sold in minutes.”

A Staging ‘Before and After’ Example

Curious about how it works? Here’s an example of what Joel Nelson Group staging expertise can do for a home — (also see our latest listings).

Before painting, cleaning and staging.

After we paint, clean and stage for the buyer’s discriminating eye.


Next Steps

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